Provides high-metered, always-on DDoS protection for your web properties (HTTP/HTTPs), powered by CloudsRubik's constantly updated global network of intelligence. CloudsRubik DDoS protection works in tandem with our cloud web application firewall (WAF), automated program management and other L3/4 security services to protect assets from a wide range of cyber threats.
  • Hongkong
    The computer room where the Hong Kong host is located has 150G+ network redundancy in the Mainland and Hong Kong, and access to multiple SLA direct connection lines (including CN2-GIA), which can be purchased and used without filing, meeting the needs of low-latency connection to the Mainland and large redundant network protection.
  • Taiwan
    Hosts in Taiwan of China connect to the highly redundant Asia-Pacific dedicated line network, and connect to major cities in the Asia-Pacific region with high stability. In response to the surge in cross-border traffic in the data-driven era, it is suitable for redundant node deployment for cross-border business and high-quality network connections.
  • Singapore
    As one of the top ten high-speed network architectures in the world, it carries most of the storage capacity of third-party data centers in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific. While having a large number of bandwidth exports, it cooperates with Singapore's local telecom Singtel, including IKGLOBAL, plus the local Tier3 level. The computer room keeps the network delay and packet loss rate of the enterprise in a low state all the year round and is very stable.
  • Japan
    The Japanese host is connected to the global 4T+ defense system, which can save the exclusive bandwidth option of unlimited traffic, can meet the needs of enterprise node deployment in the Asia-Pacific region, and is suitable for game platforms to deploy redundant nodes and financial transactions.
  • South Korea
    South Korean hosts are connected to the highly redundant Asia-Pacific dedicated line network, connecting major cities in the Asia-Pacific region with high stability, coping with the current situation of the surge in cross-border traffic in the data-driven era, redundant node deployment suitable for cross-border business, high-quality network connection
  • America
    As a hot-selling category of international data center service providers, US hosts are deeply loved by international businesses due to their 5T+ network redundancy, 2T+ defense capacity and hard-core defense system, and are suitable for e-commerce websites, enterprise databases, etc.
Automatic migration of cache hotspots, millisecond-level response
When website traffic surges, user requests and traffic bandwidth increase, the server is under great pressure and the site response is slow. CloudsRubik allows users to access massive static resources nearby through 2800+ nodes around the world and an intelligent scheduling system. Users can specify cache rules, including cache content and cache time, and use different website characteristics to improve cache hit rates.
Support multi-format live stream
We support all major streaming protocols - RTMP, RTSP, HLS and DASH. LLHLS and LLDASH are coming soon. Adaptive Bitrate Transcodes Your Streams on the fly - offers multiple bitrates to support all desktop, mobile, tablet and TV platforms. Smooth push and pull streaming for an uninterrupted and buffer-free viewing experience to increase customer engagement.
Quick access in just a few steps
No need to invest any hardware equipment, it only takes 5 minutes to access the CDN
  • Turn on security service
    Contact customer service to choose the right high-proof CDN package and test the high-proof acceleration service for free
  • Setting Rules
    Add IP/domain name, source IP, set forwarding rules, protection policy
  • Modify CNAME/DNS resolution
    Modify CNAME/DNS resolution to point the business to the CDN IP and enjoy the service
  • Complete access
    Successful access, technical customer service 24 * 7 for your service
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